Rokkando @Ikebukuro『六感堂 @池袋』

Scallop with Butter Soy Souce MAZE Soba 『帆立バター醤油和えそば』 950yen

This is the special MAZE soba only on Golden Week. As toppings, scallop, roast pork, bamboo shoots, seaweed, onion, and citrus sudachi are on the noodle.
Usually, ramen restaurant owners make soup themselves but order noodles from other shops. However, in this restaurant『Rokkando』make the noodles by themselves.
Insatiable persistence towards ramen can be seen from this aspect.



Green and White Stylish exterior is a mark of 『Rokkando』



Green is the main color of this restaurant. It makes you feel relaxed.
There is a picture of Thanks in Japanese kanji 『感謝』

Vending Machine

this is the normal menu
“Rokkando” usually has salt and soy sauce ramen.



Whenever you eat MAZE soba, you have to mix all toppings and noodles first. “MAZE soba” means “mixed noodle” in Japanese. After you mix everything you can enjoy the taste and feel the fragrance of ramen. Because of its variety of toppings, it looks gorgeous but all flavors are in harmony. This ramen is totally calculated. Not only its appearance but also, flavor and volume are fully satisfied.



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