Kendo Bar 残心 (Zanshin)

Conception of Kendo

Have you ever heard Kendo? Kendo is Japanese style of fencing. It has been developed in the last days of Tokugawa Shogunate period who is the Swordsmanship training for Samurai. Kendo is one of the National Sports in Japan along with Sumo and Judo. In Ikebukuro, there is a bar which has a concept of Kendo. You can definitely experience Japaneseness or “Samurainess”. Since almost of all customers have experiences of Kendo, you will be able to ask about Kendo.



Information from the bar

Zanshin refers to the state of the spirit in which a match should never be judged once the outcome is decided and also never be off your guard while respecting your opponent in a serious match. In Kendo, people think that the spirit is the most important thing, and manage this in the restaurant specialized as a place to talk with your fellow kendo martial artist. You are free to mingle after a match with other people in the world of martial arts and sports. You will never forget our hospitality. I hope you will have great memories here.



Introduction of unique drinking way in Zanshin

Cutstomers in Zanshin are called 先生 sen-sei “teacher”. And asked that What would you want to drink 初太刀 sho-dachi “the first slay”? This means a first drink. After coming drink a bar worker says 構え kamae “ on your mark” and 始め hajime “Fight”. This means Cheers. You will be able to touch, feel and drink the culture of Kendo here.



Address: 3F 2-26-10 Minamiikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo

TEL: 03-6907-0310

Opening hours: Lunch 11:30-14:00 (weekday only)

Dinner 17:00-0:00 (weekday)

16:00-23:00 (weekend)



Usefull information at Ikebukuro

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