Ginza 4-chome scramble

The Central Area of the Ginza District

The Ginza 4-chome intersection is located in the heart of Ginza, marked by two landmark buildings, the Mitsukoshi Department Store and the Wako Clock Tower. From this intersection most of the highlights of Ginza spread out along Chuo Dori Avenue and Harumi Dori Avenue. The area around the 4-chome Crossing boasts the most expensive land price in Japan.


Two Iconic Buildings

Mitsukoshi Ginza Department Store, located at the northeast side of the Crossing is well known as one of the most upscale department stores in Japan,  dating back to the “Echigoya” clothing stores in the Nihonbashi district which opened in 1673. The Wako Building, a clock tower located on its northwest side, was constructed in 1932. The tower is the central landmark for the district, and one of the few buildings in the area left standing after WWII.


The Most Expensive Land in Japan

The area around Ginza 4-chome Scramble Crossing has been the most expensive land in Japan for years. Kyukyo-do, a stationery shop, is standing on the most expensive real estate in Japan. You will find this stationery outlet along Chuo Dori Avenue right next to San-ai Building, an eye-catching 12-story glass-made building illuminated with fluorescent lights, located on the southeast side of the Crossing


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